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Stalking is illegal. LJ Username! confronts witchywillow87.

witchywillow87 is stalking LJ Username!
witchywillow87’s REAL name :Gillis Pike
witchywillow87’s REAL DOB :31st July 1975
Height :166 cmWeight : 60.6 kg
witchywillow87 has dreamt about you : 24 times
witchywillow87 became interested in you : 11th December 2005
witchywillow87’s latest dream about you
After a brief rendezvous in a unisex spa, the two lovers decide to make kittens behind an unattended reception desk. 5 minutes into the experience David Hasselhoff mysteriously appears at the desk with his hand resting casually on the side of his cheek trying to surpress the grin that by-now has engulfed his face. He steals a glimpse of your genetalia before disappearing as quickly as he came.
This is how witchywillow87 describes your relationship behind your back
‘Things are going great! it still won’t kiss me though in public. it will once I stop calling her in the middle of the night.’
witchywillow87’s been stealing stuff from your house too.
witchywillow87 has a habit of searching LJ Username!’s home for sex toys and ‘borrowing’ any that they find.
They’ve even started modifying their body for you
witchywillow87 recently spent a months salary, tattooing your head onto the inside of both of their thighs.
They sent the following message to you in a Valentines
I think I love you. Actually I know I love you. The ouijaboard said it was true. It told me to tell you that if you do not reciprocate my love you’ll get an arrow in the head.

The Police
No. calls to the police : 27 times
Your Last Call to The Police
"Police! I need your assistance, someones trying to climb in through my window. It’s a stalker I met off the internet. They’ve been harassing me for months now. I can’t walk down the street without them following me. Come quickly and make sure you bring a couple of baseball bats. I could do with beating this fucker into submission."
witchywillow87’s Police File
If I was an old lady in this city I would be shitting myself in the knowledge that witchywillow87 is roaming the streets.

Testimonies about witchywillow87
Ashmore Mcmaster - An overly camp drama queen
‘I’m tired of hearing about of these allegations about witchywillow87. LJ Username! is a demented twat. Ignore her.’
Coy Austin - A deformed enuch
‘I always knew there was something different about witchywillow87. I’m alway suspicious of people who become aroused upon watching barnyard animals give birth.’
Lapointe Rae - Loves staring at dead bodies
‘Fucking hell! This is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. LJ Username! should really be in hospital receiving X-rays to the head.’
Haugen Shearman - Munt-munt-munter
‘I always thought witchywillow87 was a good kid. A bit shy but with a kind heart. How wrong was I?’



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Highway To Hell


So I used to be a part of a Supernatural rpg site but, it sort of died. My friends and I in the past two days decided to open up a new Supernatural rpg called the Highway to Hell, it takes place during our own version of Season 3, we have canon characters or if you feel creative make your own character. The following canons are already taken Bobby, Dean,Sam , and Jo. But, there are plenty of other characters still opened such as Mary and John Winchester.

My friends and I would really like for some of you to check it out. Hope to see you there.:) 
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My Weekend and The Kids Are Alright review

Hey everyone, so yeah I know I haven't posted in my livejournal for a few days and I am sorry. I've been really busy, anywho my weekend was wonderful, on Saturday I went to the annual town craft fair in town with my parents. It was cool, seeing all these different groups and clubs get together to throw a craft fair. Some of the stuff there, was really cute. I didn't buy anything there but, I still had fun. We didn't stay that long since we had to go to Lewiston to return my Season 2 Supernatural dvd because it kept on skipping, I almost threw a fit when Walmart told us they didn't have it in stock until four months later, I was like omg what the hell? After leaving Walmart, my dad dropped me off at the mall and I went to Walden Books. I bought four new books, and they are, the prequel to the Gossip Girl series, the first book in the Gossip Girl series , the fourth book in the Vampire Kisses series and last of all the first book in the series that brought the lifetime show Blood Ties to life.

My dad picked me up from Walden Books and surprised me with a brand new Season 2 of Supernatural that he had bought at BJ's, wasn't that nice of him? He knew it was my favorite show and he didn't want me to be disappointed and get this BJ's dvd was cheaper than the Walmart one. 

On the way home, we ate lunch at Wendy's. Oh boy, was that good.

Anyway I finally got the chance to watch Supernatural's latest episode the Kids Are Alright during the weekend and here comes my review under the LJ cut.
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This week's episode of Supernatural looks well slightly lame and oh goody *drips of sarcasm* were introduced to the mercenary Bela this week. Oh boy!
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Poll: What is your favorite Season of Supernatural?

So I haven't done a poll in like a real long time, and I have three ideas for polls. I'll place one up for this week.

Poll #1068642 Favorite Season

What is your favorite season of Supernatural so far?

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
I love all of them
I don't know.